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Composition Course

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Barcelona Modern International Composition Course

It's a course in which young composers -selected by open call of dossiers- will be supervised by a guest composer of wide and solid experience and international renown, and through the interrelation with the musicians of the Barcelona Modern Ensemble -resident ensemble- and others prestigious guests ensembles and soloists for each edition, will develop throughout the duration of the course a composition project that will culminate in a piece, which will be premiered in public concert by BME and guests ensembles. It is a project of high interest and importance for the culture and creation of modern music, and pioneer in Barcelona. 

The course is carried out in close collaboration with the Institut Français-Barcelona.


Barcelona Modern Festival

The Barcelona Modern Festival -contemporary and new creation music festival-, is born in close relationship with the Barcelona Modern International Composition Course, with the aim of filling content -now in the field of the promotion and diffusion of contemporary music, for public in general-, the formative task that carries out the Composition Course. Offering a concert program in charge of the most interesting ensembles and soloists from Spain and abroad, interpreting the consecrated works of the contemporary repertoire and new creation music, as well as being a platform of diffusion for young composers.


Barcelona Modern Ensemble

Founded in 2004 and completely renewed since in 2013 the composer Demian Luna assumes his artistic direction.

The task of recent years is based mainly on contemporary, actual and new creation music, and the interpretation and subsequent dissemination of young emerging values of contemporary Spanish and world music, as well as established composers: Pierre Boulez, Helmut Lachenmann, Martin Matalon, Hèctor Parra, Raphaël Cendo, Kaija Saariaho, José Manuel López López, Jonathan Harvey, Benet Casablancas, Philippe Hurel, Alberto Posadas, Ramón Lazkano, Cristóbal Halfter, Gabriel Erkoreka, Luis De Pablo, etc.

Since 2014, is the resident ensemble of the Barcelona Modern International Composition Course.

Composed of elite instrumentalists specialized in contemporary repertoire, the ensemble evolves and advances at a steady pace, being already a reference of the country's contemporary music.