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Barcelona Modern International Composition Course

The project was born by the idea of composer Demian Luna, artistic and pedagogical director of the course.

It's a course in which young composers -selected by open call of dossiers- will be supervised by a guest composer of wide and solid experience and international renown, and through the interrelation with the musicians of the Barcelona Modern Ensemble -resident ensemble- and others prestigious guests ensembles and soloists for each edition, will develop throughout the duration of the course a composition project that will culminate in a piece, which will be premiered in public concert by BME and guests ensembles. It is a project of high interest and importance for the culture and creation of
modern music, and pioneer in Barcelona.

The main objective is:
-Provide opportunities for young composers (professionals, new graduates) to continue their training, receiving high quality training and a boost to their emerging career.

The Barcelona Modern International Composition Course is already a reference worldwide in terms of highly specialized courses in composition, consolidating Barcelona as a meeting point where young composers from different parts of the world come together to exchange their creative experience, their aesthetic concerns and their compositional reality, within the framework of a process of creation -which is the basis of the coursesupervised by a composer of recognized prestige and by elite instrumentalists. In addition, it intends to be an open space that brings together, invites and promotes the participation of the organizations and main actors of contemporary music in Catalonia, the Spanish territory and Europe, establishing links and collaborations with the most important musical institutions in the country: Institut Français Barcelona, Phonos Foundation-Pompeu Fabra University, L'Auditori from Barcelona, Joan Miró Foundation, etc.

The artistic and pedagogical objectives that are intended to be achieved through the work in the course, and that therefore drive its creation and structure it, are:
*Contribute to the training of young composers and the dissemination of their work.
*Work the different phases of composition of a musical work, from the first creative germ to the final form.
*Create and strengthen a space of interrelation: young creators / consecrated composers / professional musicians.
*Facilitate, promote, train and stimulate the approach of the general public to the music of our days.
*Encourage communication, diversity of thought and group work.
*Convert Barcelona into a reference regarding this type of pedagogical projects.
*Dynamize the different musical spaces of the city through collaborations with the most important institutions in the country.

As part of the Composition Course, extending and complementing the pedagogical offer, instrumental workshops will be given by prestigious soloists, aimed at players interested in expanding their knowledge or specializing in the field of contemporary music.

The course is carried out in close collaboration with the Institut Français-Barcelona.