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Workshop of Contemporary Music for Baritone Saxophone 


The International Composition Course Barcelona Modern, Vth Edition, open the call for inscriptions to the Workshop of Contemporary Music for Baritone Saxophone, directed by the prestigious saxophonist –specialized in contemporary music- Joan MARTÍ-FRASQUIER (

Open to saxophonists, composers and other instrumentalists who want to know and explore the baritone saxophone and address the most interesting, innovator and specific repertoire with this instrument. The workshop is practical, focused on working contemporary repertoire for solo saxophone, with electronics or chamber music (according to the students’ availability).

Organized in three meetings, the contents will revolve around individual and collective classes, working on the repertoire and preparing the concert’s programme. There will be also open debates where there will be discussed issues related to the baritone saxophone (repertoire, advanced techniques, set-up, etc).


  • First meeting: 14th November 2018.
  • Second meeting: 18th January 2019.
  • Third meeting: 16th May 2019.


In this way, at each meeting:

-Presentation of the repertoire
-Work on chamber music pieces
-Work on solo baritone saxophone pieces
-Work on baritone saxophone + electronics pieces


The repertoire will be selected by the professor and the active students, and it will be worked during the meetings. Furthermore, the student can suggest contemporary repertoire that he wants to work.
Depending on the level and number of participants, it would be formed baritone saxophone’s groups to work the specific repertoire of chamber music.

The workshop will be finished with a public concert –by the Active Participants who have prepared repertoire during the course- within the “Barcelona Modern” Festival – contemporary and new music festival-.

The workshop will be realized at the Institut Français-Barcelona (Carrer de Moià no 8; 08006, Barcelona), between November 2018 and May 2019.


Guidelines (pdf) (french version pdf):

-May attend this call all saxophonists, composers or other instruments, regardless of age or nationality.

-Interested musicians in participating should send before October 8th 2018, the following documentation:

  • Application form duly completed (pdf) (french versionpdf).

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • ​​​​​​​Copy of national identity card or passport


-Seven (7) students will be selected as Active Participants, they will have the opportunity to work directly with Joan Martí-Frasquier. The repertoire, selected by the professor and the active participants, will be studied and performed during the meetings. Other possibility is to get repertoire previously worked, if professor approves it.

-Interested musicians not selected as Active Participants have the opportunity to attend as Listeners Participants, with unlimited access –as well as Active Participants-to all the activities of the Workshop of Contemporary Music for Baritone Saxophone, the International Composition Course and to all the concerts at the Barcelona ModernFestival.

On October 15th 2018 the results of the call will be reported via e-mail and posted on the course website and Facebook.

The registration period for selected musicians as Active or Listeners Participants, ends on November 1st 2018.

On November 2nd 2018, Joan Martí-Frasquier –vicariously the Workshop’s Coordinator- will contact with all the active participants to choose the repertoire to work and report the planning of the classes.

The assistance to the three meetings, in the stipulated course schedule, is mandatory for all selected musicians as Active Participants.


Registration fee:

Active Participants: 200 €.
Listeners Participants: 110 €.


All documentation must be submitted by email (before October 8th ) to:


The registration fee must be paid (until November 1st) by income or bank transfer to the following bank account number:

Associació Musica Actual – Curs IF/BMP
Count number (IBAN): ES36 3025-0017-4414-0000-9637
Concept: Inscripción TMAS

Please send the proof of payment via e-mail.


The Course organization can give to the participants detailed information about Barcelona: accommodation, transport, addresses and any additional information.

For any questions direct your inquiry via email to:


[The inscription at the Workshop of Contemporary Music for Baritone Saxophone, like a part of the International Composition Course Barcelona Modern, means the acceptance of these guidelines]


Demian Luna
Director del Curso