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Barcelona Modern International Composition Course_6th edition


Season '19 -'20

* First meeting: January 15th, 16th and 17th 2020.

* Second meeting: March 11th, 12th and 13th 2020.

* Third meeting: June 17th, 18th and 19th 2020.

June 18th final concert QUATOUR AEOLINA.

June 19th final concert ENSEMBLE SILLAGES.

June 20th final concert BARCELONA MODERN ENSEMBLE.

Alberto POSADAS, guest composer

Alberto Posadas began his musical studies in Valladolid, his hometown, and then followed them in Madrid.

In 1988, he met Francisco Guerrero, with whom he studied composition and whom he considers his true teacher. With him, he explores new musical forms through the use of techniques such as mathematical combinatorics and fractal theory. However, the self-determination and the constant search for the integration of aesthetics in these mathematical processes lead the composer to look for other models of composition, such as the transposition to music of architectural spaces, the application of techniques from topology and painting in relation to the perspective, or the exploration of the acoustic phenomena of musical instruments at the microscopic level.

It also takes place in the field of electroacoustic music, in a very personal way, through several projects that include Liturgia del Silencio (1995), Snefru and Versa is in luctum (2002), Cuatro Escenes Negras (2009). His interest in the involvement of the movement in the electronic transformation of sound led him to create Glossopoeia, a multidisciplinary work composed in Ircam in 2009 in collaboration with choreographer Richard Siegal. He continues his work in electronics with Tenebrae, piece for six voices and ensemble, premiered in 2013 by the Ensemble Intercontemporain and the vocal ensemble Exaudi under the direction of François-Xavier Roth.

In 2006, he received a scholarship from the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid, which allowed him to create, with Andrès Gomis, a research project on new techniques of playing the bass saxophone and its application in the composition.

Alberto Posadas's production includes symphonic, choral, chamber and solo music, as well as electronic music. Many of his works are commissioned by the largest international festivals and musicians such as Esteban Algora, Andrès Gomis, Alexis Descharmes and Ensemble intercontemporain. The year 1993 marks the beginning of his international career; His pieces are premiered by ensembles and orchestras that include the Ensemble intercontemporain, the Itinéraire, Court-Circuit, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, the Arditti Quartet, the Diotima Quartet, the Orchester National de France and the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since 1991, Alberto Posadas has been Professor of Analysis, Harmony and Composition at the Majadahonda Conservatory of Music in Madrid. He is regularly invited as a composition teacher, especially at the Royaumont Composition Session in 2012, at the Takefu International Music Festival (Japan) in 2013, at the Philippe Manoury Composition Academy at the 2016 Music Festival, at the Academy IRCAM ManiFeste in 2017 and the Lucerne Musikhochschule in 2017 and 2018.

In 2002, he received the Audience Award at the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels for A silentii sonitu and the National Music Award in 2011.




Founded in 2004 and completely renewed since in 2013 the composer Demian Luna assumes his artistic direction.

The task of these last years is based mainly on contemporary music, current and newly created, and on the interpretation and subsequent dissemination of the young emerging values ​​of contemporary Spanish and world music, as well as the already established composers: Pierre Boulez, Helmut Lachenmann, Martin Matalon, Hèctor Parra, Raphaël Cendo, Kaija Saariaho, José Manuel López López, Jonathan Harvey, Benet Casablancas, Philippe Hurel, Alberto Posadas, Ramón Lazkano, Cristóbal Halfter, Gabriel Erkoreka, Luis De Pablo, etc.

Since 2014 is the resident ensemble of the Barcelona Modern International Composition Course, working on the work of guest composers Martin Matalon (2014/15), Héctor Parra (2015/16), Raphaël Cendo (2016/17), José Manuel López López (2017/18) and premiered 15 works by young composers every year, among them: Diego Jiménez Tamame, Frédéric Le Bel, Ariadna Alsina, Jeremías Iturra, Demian Rudel Rey, Pablo Andoni Gómez Olabarría, etc.

The ensemble has performed in prestigious halls and festivals, among which stand out: the Sampler Sèries cycle at the Barcelona Auditorium, the Tarragona Spring Festival, the Josep Carreras Auditorium in Vila-seca, the Palau Robert in Barcelona, ​​the 400 MNCARS Auditorium in Madrid, the Auditorium of CatalunyaCaixa in La Pedrera, Sala Mompou (SGAE / Barcelona), Spanien Modern Festival 2009 and 2011 in Vienna, Arnold Schönberg Center, Institute of North American Studies in Barcelona, ​​Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, ​​Instituto Cervantes in Bremen, Aujord'hui Musiques Festival of Perpignan, National Theater of Catalonia, Museum of the University of Navarra, Institut Français-Barcelona, ​​Phonos Foundation, Mostra Sonora de Sueca, ME_MMIX Festival of Mallorca, Festival Turbulences Sonores de Montpellier, etc.

Formed by elite players specialized in contemporary repertoire, the ensemble evolves and advances at a steady pace, being already a reference of the country's current music.

ENSEMBLE SILLAGES, guest ensemble

Founded in 1992 by Philippe Arrii-Blachette, the Ensemble Sillages is a group of musicians who find the expression of their sensitivity as performers through the composers of our time.

In January 2020, Gonzalo Bustos was appointed artistic director of the ensemble and Martin Matalon composer associated to Sillages.

The work with the living composers is at the center of the group's artistic policy for a correct interpretation of their musical thoughts, to also favor their approach to the public through a lively understanding of their works. The ensemble is presented regularly in the national and international territory (Mexico, Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Paris, Bordeaux, Quimper ...)

Since 1996, Sillages resides in Quartz, national stage of Brest. This relationship, inscribed in time, allows creations to see the day every year, promotes the dissemination of the contemporary repertoire and accompanies the implementation of cultural and educational actions ... Sillages develops a whole arsenal of proposals for transmission to all audiences of the music of our time. In addition to the contemporary repertoire, Sillages develops projects that always aim to bring the widest possible audience to new musical forms. In all logic, cultural action is one of the fundamental axes of Sillages' work.
The group has several monographic recordings of composers André Hodeir, Jean-Luc Hervé, Allain Gaussin, Martin Matalon, Hugues Germain and Anna Livia Plurabelle.

Since 2014, the Ensemble Sillages et Passerelle, a center for contemporary art, has been gathering for the mixed music festival, ELECTR()CUTION, meeting of acoustic instruments and electronics. A journey through mixed works around concerts, workshops, conferences, improvised music, etc.

QUATOUR AEOLINA, guest ensemble

The Aeolina Quartet (first name of the accordion!) is composed of four talented accordionists, all of the prestigious accordion class of the CNSMD in Paris.

They have just won the international chamber music competition Leopold Bellan.

This instrumental group, with almost infinite possibilities, makes discovering or rediscovering its instrument within the classical and contemporary repertoire. Under the impetus of ProQuartet, the quartet begins a "symphonic" work with, among other things, the transcription of great works: Debussy, Berlioz (with the Fantastic Symphony), Bach...

Several composers of today also wrote for this formation: Martin Matalon, Jean Pierre Drouet, Patrick Busseuil, Alain Celo...