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Barcelona Modern International Composition Course_7th Edition
Francesco FILIDEI / Oscar BIANCHI


The Barcelona Modern Ensemble, together with the Institut Français-Barcelona, ​​open the call for dossiers for the "Barcelona Modern International Composition Course", 7th Edition.

The course is aimed primarily at young composers (selected by open call), which will be headed by a renowned guest composer.

Structured in three meetings of three days each (intensive working days: from 10 to 14 and 16 to 20 hours), selected composers as ACTIVE Participants will develop a composition project supervised by the guest composer, with the BARCELONA MODERN ENSEMBLE as permanent resident ensemble, and the ​VERTIXE SONORA ENSEMBLE ​as guests ensemble, at the disposal of students for reading sessions, workshops, rehearsals and concerts.

Selected composers from among the LISTENERS Participants will have a reading session with one of the ensembles or soloists of the course, also supervised by the guest composer as well as unlimited access to all course activities.

Course activities include individual and collective masterclasses given by the guest composer, lectures by the participants, guest speakers, instrumental workshops by the musicians of the ensembles, guest ensembles and soloists, reading sessions, open rehearsals and concerts.

The activity finishes with the premiere, in a public concert (live or streaming), of the works composed by the selected composers –as Active Participants- throughout the course.

This course will be held through the Zoom video conferencing platform to follow the meeting on-line in the absence of updates on the health situation throughout the year between the months of March and July 2021.


  • First meeting: 10, 11 and 12 March 2021.
  • Second meeting: 27, 28 and 29 May 2021.
  • Third meeting: 14, 15 and 16 July 2021.


In this seventh edition we have two guest composers: ​Francesco FILIDEI ​and ​Oscar BIANCHI​.


Guidelines(pdf) (french version pdf):

  • All composers may attend this call, regardless of age or nationality.
  • Composers interested in participating should send, before February 8th 2021, the following documentation:

                                   -Application form duly completed (pdf) (french versionpdf).

                                   -Curriculum Vitae

                                   -Copy of national identity card or passport.

                                   -Two scores in PDF format.

                                   -Recordings (mp3) of the submitted works, if possible.


  • 12 composers will be selected as Active Participants (composers not selected as Active Participants have the opportunity to attend as Listeners)
  • 8 composers from among the Listeners Participants will be selected for reading session. (The number of places available for composers who wish to attend as Listeners is30. Listeners Participants have unlimited access to all the course activities).


OnFebruary 15th 2021 the results of the call will be communicated via e-mail and posted on the course website and Facebook.

The registration period for selected composers as Active or Listeners Participants, ends on February 22nd 2021.

On February 23rd 2021 we will communicate the assigned instrumentation (from the possible proposals) to each Active Participant, the ​ensemble to work with and the ​guest composer​ who will supervise his/her work.

Same with the Listeners Participant selected for reading sessions.

-The assistance to the three meetings, in the stipulated course schedule, is mandatory for composers selected as Active Participants.

-Before May 5th 2021, active participants should send by email, in PDF format, 50% of the work in progress.

-Before June 15th 2021, active participants shouldsend by email, in PDF format, the work already completed (score and parts). The total length of the work cannot exceed 8 minutes.

-The piece worked during the course must be a new creation, created for and during the work in the course, and to be premiered in the final concert. No adaptations or instrumentations of preexisting works are accepted.

-The languages used for the course are French and English.


[[[Registration for the Barcelona Modern International Composition Course implies the acceptance of these rules]]]


Registration fee:

Active Participants: 480 €.

Listeners Participants with reading session: 280 €.

Listeners Participants: 180 €.


All documentation must be submitted by email (before February 8th) to:                                   



The registration fee must be paid (until February 22nd) by income or bank transfer to the following bank account number:


                                                          Associació Musica Actual – Curs Composició BMP

                                                    Count number (IBAN): ES11 0081 0523 1300 0132 8633

                                                                                BIC: BSABESBBXXX



For any questions direct your inquiry via email to:



Demian Luna
Course Director